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CCTV drain inspections and surveyors: North Shore, Auckland

CCTV Drain Inspections – $200.00 + GST

Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses CCTV technology to produce detailed reports on underlying and adjacent drains throughout the North Shore and wider Auckland.


The HD footage provides a clear picture of any current drainage issues and identifies potential areas where drainage problems are likely to occur in the future.


CCTV drain inspections are commonly used for:


  • Regular CCTV drain inspections for homeowners, property managers, landlords and businesses
  • Pre-purchase CCTV reports for home buyers as part of the due diligence process
  • Pre-construction and post-construction CCTV drain reports for building consent applications
  • CCTV drain reports for Works Over applications


Are you a homeowner or property manager?


CCTV drain inspections are incredibly valuable for homeowners, property managers, landlords and businesses, as drainage issues can be resolved before they become a larger (and more expensive) problem.


We recommend checking your drains with a CCTV inspection every two years to future-proof your property. You already get WOFs for your car and see your doctor regularly for health checkups and screenings, so why not look after your property with the same level of care?


Looking to buy a property?


If you’re planning to buy a house or commercial premises, you should consider ordering a pre-purchase CCTV drain inspection as part of your due diligence.


It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before buying a property. It might seem like you are spending lots of money on various reports while carrying out due diligence, but problems that you’re unaware of now could become very expensive to repair once you’ve purchased the property. A few hundred dollars spent on a CCTV drain report is minimal when compared to the cost and headache of fixing a major drainage issue.


If the CCTV drain inspection shows a major problem, you’ll be able to negotiate a price with this in mind or choose not to purchase the property. On the other hand, it might show minor issues that won’t affect the purchase but that you’d be wise to repair soon after purchasing the property. If no drainage issues are found, you can move forward and purchase the property with peace of mind.


Are you building or renovating?


If you’re undertaking a new build or renovations that require council consent, our team of certified drain layers can provide pre-construction and post-construction CCTV drain reports to satisfy the council.


The council will need a detailed CCTV report to be submitted with your building consent application, showing the condition of drains on your property and any proposed new connections to the public drain system.


Once the building project is complete and you’ve reached the inspection stage, the council will also require a CCTV report showing the condition of the drains post-construction, to ensure that no damage has occurred before they provide final sign off.


If a public sewer or stormwater system passes through your property, it is likely that you will also need to apply for Works Over approval from Watercare before commencing with construction, particularly if you are building or digging close to a manhole or public pipe.


Watercare may require a CCTV report to be submitted with your Works Over application to ensure that public assets are protected during construction. If this is the case, we can produce a CCTV survey report and footage that complies with Watercare’s standards.


If you’re doing renovations or building on private property, you may also need as-built plans to satisfy your architect, engineer or the council and to ensure that you don’t damage drains during construction.


An as-built plan is an accurate drawing showing the location and depth of private sewer and stormwater systems, as well as connections into the public network. If you need as-built drawings in addition to a CCTV report, we can help.

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