Do You Need a Channel Drain Around Your Pool?

Do You Need a Channel Drain Around Your Pool?

On a balmy summer day, there’s nothing better than a dip in your own pool. But as any pool owner knows, the dream of having a pool at home comes with plenty of hard work, between cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

Unfortunately, many pools are built without enough consideration given to landscaping, particularly in relation to surface water drainage. This can lead to major headaches when the pool overflows significantly and floods the surrounding area in your garden.

Do I really need drainage around my swimming pool?

Most of the time, swimming pool overflow can be managed easily. When small amounts of water spill over the edge of the pool, from activities like splashing, diving and jumping, the water usually evaporates quickly.

However, a good drainage system is crucial for excessive overflow, which can occur during periods of heavy rainfall or if a hose is left running into the pool for too long while re-filling.

Without sufficient drainage, major pool overflow can result in:

  • Hazardous, unsafe surfaces around the pool, causing slips and falls
  • Weakened landscaping and rotten decking
  • Wet, boggy garden that attracts mosquitoes
  • Damage to outdoor furniture and surrounding structures caused by stagnant water and pool chemicals

Channel drain around pool

What type of drainage system is right for my pool?

Channel drains installed around the perimeter of a pool are usually the best option, as they’re highly effective for surface water. Channel drains remove excess water swiftly, leaving a safe, dry surface for bare feet and avoiding flooding.

Often, a channel drain system will prevent overflow from occurring in the first place by stopping rainwater before it enters the pool and raises the water level. If the pool does happen to overflow, channel drains will deal with excess water quickly and efficiently, draining water away before it can damage surrounding surfaces.

What should I keep in mind when selecting a channel drain for my pool?

It’s important to select a channel drain system that has easy access for cleaning, as clogged channel drains are ineffective and tend to hold stagnant water, leading to unpleasant odours in your pool area.

There are a variety of channel drain materials and grating options available, from decorative designs that stand out and make a statement to those that are minimal in appearance and blend seamlessly into the landscaping.

When installing a channel drain system around your pool, we’ll guide you through the process and help you select the best type of drainage for your situation.

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