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Subsoil drainage: North Shore, Auckland

Damp basement or boggy garden?


Subsoil drainage systems are installed below ground level to remove excess water from the soil, protecting your property against water damage.


Subsoil drainage can be used for:


  • Basements or garages that are flooded or damp
  • Boggy, waterlogged gardens
  • New retaining walls


If the soil in your garden has a high clay content, you will likely experience a flooded garden or waterlogged, soggy lawn without soil drainage.


Many older buildings in Auckland have a block basement or garage that was constructed without adequate drainage or waterproofing, leading to dampness, mould and flooding during periods of high rainfall. A subsoil drainage system installed around the base of the building can drain excess moisture away before it reaches the foundations and enters your home, providing an effective waterproofing solution.


Retaining walls are another area where subsoil drainage can be important, as water tends to build up behind retaining walls, placing excess pressure on the structure.

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